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Farm Animal Sounds

App for young kids. Learn about barnyard animals & play kids memory game.


Farm Animal Sounds is a kids educational app that introduces farm animals for kids. Young kids and preschooler can learn about farming life and barnyard animals by looking at the picture of these animals and listen to their sounds. They can also play fun, simple sound game and kids memory game. The best thing is, Farm Animal Sounds for Kids is Free with No Ads, so your kids can enjoy learning and playing without distraction!

Young kids love learning about farm animals. That’s why the song about Old MacDonald’s farm is so popular. Our app is inspired by Old MacDonald’s farm song and we decide to create an app about farm animals for kids. Our app contains pictures and sounds of barn yard animals such as chicken, pig, cow, sheep, goat, and many more. Preschoolers and young kids will also love playing our sound quiz game where they have to guess which animal has which sounds, and simple kids memory game where they have to find pair of identical cards.

Top Features of Farm Animal Sounds for Kids

  • Farm Animal Sounds for Kids is Free with NO Ads.
  • Designed for preschooler and young kids.
  • Colorful game design with beautiful graphic that will be loved by your kids.
  • Learn about barnyard animals which are part of the farming life.
  • Play Sound Game: pick which animal has certain sounds.
  • Play Kids Memory Game: pick pairs of cards with identical pictures.

This app is perfect for young kids who love to learn about farming life and listen to Old MacDonald’s farm song. They can look at the cute pictures of the barn yard animals, learn about animal sounds, and they can play fun games as well. Our education app will boost kids’ memory and knowledge while letting them having fun. So, if you need an app that teaches animals for kids, download Farm Animal Sounds now! It’s fun, engaging, and educative.

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